The greatest asset to our business is our EMPLOYEES and right now more than ever we need to connect. Our employees need to know the why of our business and have a purpose. My goal is to assist you in creating your processes for managing inevitable change, increasing employee engagement or experience, reenforcing your culture, giving your employees purpose, which will then enhance your employee retention and your recruiting. I want to be an extension of your vision and goals.

There are several ways we can work together:

  • 1:1 consulting.
  • 15 week program: CREATE a Culture So Good No One Wants to Leave with website with training videos and attachments plus more.
  • Speaking and facilitating topics.
  • Workshops: half day or full day.
  • Free Private Facebook Mastermind discussing employee issues.

Presentation Topics:

  • Generational Similarities
  • Cultural alignment
  • Celebrating wins
  • Positive mindset
  • Employee Wellbeing Stay interviews
  • Company Employment Brand
  • Listening skills
  • Performance reviews
  • Fast feedback and targeted appreciation
  • Engagement Triangle and connection

Business Support by Design

Tonya Wemhoff Consulting

CREATE A Culture So Good No One Wants to Leave!

15 weeks program that includes:

  • One-hour virtual conversations
  • Online hub with video trainings and attachments
  • Customizable templates
  • Site tour video

Facebook Group: Employee Issues Mastermind

  • Weekly virtual conversations
  • Discussions on employee issues, interviews with experts and share ideas and solutions
  • AID method of facilitation: Analyze & discuss, Identify & List, and Design implementation
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About Tonya

About Tonya


After 25 years of owning a staffing business, I realized the challenge of wearing multiple hats, dealing with multiple types of employees, and navigating an ever-changing market.

Most importantly, I know that having a clear overall picture of each business’s destination is imperative in today’s uncertain times; which is why I created a program that helps business leaders have a culture so good, no one wants to leave.

After working with a multitude of different businesses, infusing culture and engagement into their processes and procedures, it is confirmation that overall wellness pays off in dividends, for both their employees and their bottom lines.

In 2019, I founded Wemhoff Consulting, a comprehensive human resources consultancy, focused on company culture and employee experience; leading with the promise to support both clients and employees in creating optimum workplaces.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Education, as well as being the recipient of the 2005 Athena Award for Business Woman of the Year.

Background includes:

  • 2005 ATHENA AWARD - Business Woman of the year - Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Business & Industry Committee for Chamber
  • Commodore for Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Staffing CEOs (Staffing Owners group for sharing and learning)
  • Business Incubator Presenter
  • President of CAHRA (two years)
  • Certified Staffing Professional (American Staffing Association)
  • Columbus Morning Rotary

Who is Tonya Wemhoff? She’s definitely a coach you ought to know! She helps overwhelmed business leaders so they can create solutions for poor productivity, burnout and retention to develop an engaged company culture so good…no one wants to leave."
-- Karen W.
Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. Your analogies and small nuggets of knowledge made a big impact on our small group."
-- Michael J – SHRM ACTOV Group
When you have good employees, you want to keep them. The best part: this program helps you design specific implementations to your business so you actually take action and create a culture so good no one wants to leave."
-- Cherrie B.
Tonya knows what it is like to run a business and have satisfied employees. Her system works!"
-- Carolyn S.
I joined this group to get some direction and ideas to better the culture of our business. We are a small business that has employees who are both inside and outside the office. It can be difficult to put everyone on the same page. Through the program, I’ve been able to gather tools to implement within our business that will bring everyone together. I will be introducing some of these ideas slowly and naturally to our team to create a place where everyone is appreciated, growing and wants to be a part of.”
-- Jill R. CREATE Program
We asked Tonya to speak at our employee meeting about generational similarities. Like many companies, we were seeing some struggles between the generations and wanted a way to bring everyone together based on our similarities. Tonya did a great job making sure that she was presenting what we wanted. She took the time to meet with us to ensure that she understood our company and what our needs were. Her talk during our employee meeting was very engaging and she had everyone participating in generating ideas. We have had so much positive feedback on her presentation. She also has continued to follow-up with us to ensure that we are implementing the ideas that were brought up and we continue to work on bringing everyone together based on our similarities."
-- Kristel H
Tonya Wemhoff is an absolutely incredible Entrepreneur (from Nebraska ) who is currently dedicated to helping companies create “cultures so great that their employees won’t quit.” She brings so much experience and such curiosity, especially when it comes to intergenerational viewpoints and being on the other side of a pandemic. Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in a discussion she hosted about managers vs coaches with some really incredible women with similar hearts and widely varied viewpoints. It was absolutely incredible and I loved every single second Thanks, Tonya!!!"
-- Rachel C

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