Tonya Wemhoff

Tonya Wemhoff

Empowering and supporting businesses with HR Business Solutions on Demand.

With a Master’s Degree in Education and a deep passion of nurturing growth and innovation within the HR Business Industry, Tonya Wemhoff had the privilege of making meaningful contributions to the local business landscape.

"One of my proudest moments was receiving the Athena Award for Business Woman of the Year from the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce in 2005.  This recognition affirmed my commitment to excellence and served as validation for the dedication I pour into my work every day."

-Tonya Wemhoff, HR Business Consultant

Other Highlights include:

  • Active Member of the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Served on several committees including Business & Industry and Entrepreneurship
  • Served as a Commodore (welcome arm of the chamber)
  • 25 years as an owner operator of staffing agency with four branches
  • Staffing CEOs Owners group across the United States
  • Owner of a local nonmedical home care service for 6 years
  • President of Columbus Area Human Resources Association (CAHRA) for two years
  • Certified Staffing Professional (American Staffing Association)
  • Member of Columbus Morning Rotary
  • Speaker for:
    • Columbus Business Incubator Presenter
    • Netforce Entrepreneurship Summit (Statewide organization)
    • Columbus Area Human Resource Assoc (CAHRA)
    • Norfolk Area Human Resource Assoc (NAHRA)
    • Columbus in Action Entrepreneurship meeting
    • Strategic Impact Plus Emotional Culture presentation

My journey is defined by a steadfast commitment to empowering others and fostering a culture of growth and opportunity wherever I go.

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