Wemhoff Consulting HR Services

Three ways to work with me on your HR. You decide which method is best for you and your business.

1 to 1 HR Consulting

Close up of an HR consulting
By working closely together, we can create tailored solutions that align with your vision and values, leveraging my experience and industry insights to drive measurable results.
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HR Support community

Community Support. Team of diverse business people celebrating their success.
Wemhoff HR consulting offers a “Let’s Make A Difference” weekly community group that gives HR Professionals a place to come together within a private space for support and learning.
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Speaking & Training

The audience celebrates good news in a business environment, clapping with satisfaction.
As an experienced industry speaker, I offer customized Keynote presentations, workshops and training sessions for groups and businesses of various sizes.
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I joined this group to get some direction and ideas to better the culture of our business. We are a small business that has employees who are both inside and outside the office. It can be difficult to put everyone on the same page. Through the program, I’ve been able to gather tools to implement within our business that will bring everyone together. I will be introducing some of these ideas slowly and naturally to our team to create a place where everyone is appreciated, growing and wants to be a part of.”

-- Jill R. CREATE Program

Who is Tonya Wemhoff? She’s definitely a coach you ought to know! She helps overwhelmed business leaders so they can create solutions for poor productivity, burnout and retention to develop an engaged company culture so good…no one wants to leave."

-- Karen W.

Tonya Wemhoff is an absolutely incredible Entrepreneur (from Nebraska ) who is currently dedicated to helping companies create “cultures so great that their employees won’t quit.” She brings so much experience and such curiosity, especially when it comes to intergenerational viewpoints and being on the other side of a pandemic. Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in a discussion she hosted about managers vs coaches with some really incredible women with similar hearts and widely varied viewpoints. It was absolutely incredible and I loved every single second Thanks, Tonya!!!"

-- Rachel C

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. Your analogies and small nuggets of knowledge made a big impact on our small group."

-- Michael J – SHRM ACTOV Group

We asked Tonya to speak at our employee meeting about generational similarities. Like many companies, we were seeing some struggles between the generations and wanted a way to bring everyone together based on our similarities. Tonya did a great job making sure that she was presenting what we wanted. She took the time to meet with us to ensure that she understood our company and what our needs were. Her talk during our employee meeting was very engaging and she had everyone participating in generating ideas. We have had so much positive feedback on her presentation. She also has continued to follow-up with us to ensure that we are implementing the ideas that were brought up and we continue to work on bringing everyone together based on our similarities."

-- Kristel H

When you have good employees, you want to keep them. The best part: this program helps you design specific implementations to your business so you actually take action and create a culture so good no one wants to leave."

-- Cherrie B.

Tonya knows what it is like to run a business and have satisfied employees. Her system works!"

-- Carolyn S.

I would highly recommend Tonya Wemhoff for career coaching, no matter what level or experience you have in an organization. Working with Tonya has been a game changer in my career and I have gained invaluable insights and confidence to navigate my career path successfully. Because of her extensive experience as a business owner and human resources professional, Tonya is able to provide insightful advice and guidance. Tonya has an unparalleled ability to build trust and create a supportive environment, empowering her clients to reach their full potential."

-- William E.